Look To The North

Drone-folk project Look To The North comprises the two multi-instrumentalists David Colohan (Agitated Radio Pilot, Raising Holy Sparks, United Bible Studies) and Zachary Corsa (Lost Trail, Pines, Yearlings) – each already looking back at a wide range of musical releases, published by such well-established labels as Awkward Formats, Fluid Audio, Patient Sounds, Time Released Sound, Wist Rec., and Wounded Wolf Press. In January 2016 UK-based label Reverb Worship released the duo’s first album “5,000 Blackbirds Fall Out of the Sky”.

Look To The North emerged on the ground of a keen mutual respect for each other’s body of work – emphasized by a shared rural obsession, and a sense and fascination for the otherworldly. A commendatory review of Colohan’s and Michael Tanner’s album “Taskerlands,” that Corsa wrote in 2012 for A Closer Listen set off an e-mail conversation and eventually the exchange of recordings from which their pieces slowly developed.

While the artists yet never met in person (Corsa resides in the US and Colohan in Ireland) their music suggests that geographical distance rather works for them like a third contributor as remoteness resonates with the themes they are eager to explore.