The Label

AOsmosis is a small DIY label from Lahnstein (Germany), focused on releasing music in handcrafted, bespoke packaging (in often fairly limited runs). The label was founded around 2012 by Daniel Knef. Genres provided are Ambient and Other.

Physically Located At

AOsmosis Records
Owner: Daniel Knef
Otto-Wels-Straße 8
D-56112 Lahnstein

info [please ignore this part]
Tel.: +49 (0)2621-6967816


Currently the costs of this label exceed the returns gloriously. If you like to support AOsmosis beyond purchasing AO releases (which, of course, is great), a very comfortable way would be to buy the Fire and Frost Pattern CD that is currently on offer – I received them once as specimen copies, and it would help the budget to turn them into money. On top it’s just a really good album! Moreover, every release offers the option to pay more as the price tag states.



As a collector of musical releases myself I experienced my fair share of damaged orders over the years. Dents, fractures, buckles, scratches… you name it. Be assured that I’ll do my best to protect the goods that’ll ship to you so that you actually receive them as they left the building.

However, in case you identify a weak spot in the way your order was packaged (I have no doubt that postal services still have some weird, undiscovered tricks up their sleeves) please don’t hesitate to contact me about it – want to know!


The shipping rates of the German postal service are fairly compliant if you order more than one item from this shop: in most cases the price should stay the same. Really, packaging savely a single tape or… let’s say… a set comprising tape, 7" and a CD would boil down to the same shipping charges. Sure the packaging would have to get a little more fancy but we’re talking mostly about cents here which wont be extra-charged.


If your order includes a preorder item amongst others, already available ones, everything ships at once as soon as the pre-ordered item is ready. If you wish for separate shipping instead, please make two separate orders.


AOsmosis is a small-scale enterprise and (legally sound) charges you (as a buyer) no purchase tax (§ 19 Abs. 1 UStg / Germany). Sure, the customer service in your country may eventually slap a tax on it, but that’s an entirely different story.

Product Photos

Sorry, a little shoddy at times – just recently swaped my club for a camera and use it fairly similar since then. Joking aside, if the way any item is displayed in this shop leaves you with unanswered questions, hit me up. If desired I can provide you with a quick iPhone shot or just more insight in general.

Upcoming Releases 2016

July 19th

You’re a Séance, Old North by Look To The North
(pre-order: July 3rd–5th)




    Maple Leaves in the Engines by Magnetic Lips


    No Love is Sorrow by FALLEN


    Amongst Epilogues by á, A Death Cinematic, Asphodel, Beth Kleist, Philipp Bückle, Zachary Corsa, Corwood Manual, Dronæment, Ghost Monkey, Giesela, The Humble Bee, Marcus Kürten, Daniel Knef, Lasse-Marc Riek, Light Sleeper, Lost Trail, Machinefabriek, Maps and Diagrams, David Mixco, Names for Sounds, Ohrginal, Phober, Nils Quak, Roadside Picnic, Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Weltraumbruder & Window Magic