[Distro] Andreas Bick – Fire and Frost Pattern Gruen 074

An album by Andreas Bick – composer, sound artist, and producer of radio plays – released in 2010 by Gruenrekorder and sold-out years ago. The CD comprises 2 compositions (each around 25 minutes), where the first is solely based on recordings of fire (vulcanos, lava, ash, etc.), the second based on sounds, originating from icebergs, snowflakes, a frozen sea, etc.

“This is some excellent piece of musique concrete in the best Luc Ferrari tradition. Its not easy to tell the pieces apart, but throughout the geyser explosions on the ‘fire’ piece sounded a bit more dynamic and the ‘frost’ piece more subdued. […] Two excellent pieces, well presented here, with extensive liner notes.”
– Frans de Waard

The (glass-mastered) CD is housed in a matt digpak, accompanied by a 12-page booklet – featuring an introduction by Götz Naleppa and background information concerned with the used sounds and how they were recorded.

I did the design around two photos of an Australian salt lake by Murray Fredericks, and layouted the text. To my shame a typo resided 1½ years un-spotted on the cover. Typo-bargain applied – (these originally sould for € 15).

2 Tracks
Duration: 52:52

Audio: Andreas Bick
Photography: Murray Fredericks
Design/Layout: Daniel Knef

» Learn more at Gruenrekorder’s page.