[Distro] Green Elder – Offering AOdd№1

“This EP is dedicated to the days between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox.”

AOsmosis’ presents its first distributed title, the two-songs 7-inch “Offering” by neofolk duo Green Elder. It’s offered here in a special variant, accompanying the poem “Pagan Offering,” written by Zachary Corsa (Lost Trail, Look To The North, Pines) for this purpose. This edition is limited to a total of 20 numbered copies and only available through this store. Please take note that the poem print is still under progress, so the final version may differ from what is currently shown in the product photos.

GREEN ELDER is a neofolk project that combines Appalachian, Celtic, and traditional influences. Green Elder is working to paint forests in sound, both by giving their natural seasonal beauty aural life and their mythical lore an abstract presence. Employing a DIY approach, each piece is carefully crafted by the artists themselves.

As shown in the 5th photo above each vinyl comes in a unique coloring that’ll be randomly selected for you. The inner paper sleeve was beautifully stamped by Green Elder. The poem print for the AOsmosis edition is a single-fold – the inner side features Corsa’s poem “Pagan Offering” as well as two images, while the back is individually xeroxed – similar to the pages of “You’re a Séance, Old North.” The print is hand-numbered, and stamped with the AOsmosis logo. Everything comes in a double-sided fold-over jacket (including the lyrics for both songs) within a protective sleeve. Bandcamp download code included.


A) Mountain Storms
B) Cairn of Starlight

“All the nature sounds you hear on Green Elder tracks are field recordings usually taken while I’m hiking. […] On ‘Mountain Storms’ you’ll hear some field recordings of a storm coming over the mountains. That’s not there for effect, it was very much representative of what was happening in my life at that particular moment. Shortly before that I experienced a great loss, and as I sat down to write that song under an apple tree, just like in my own life, an awful storm was coming over the horizon, so I took the field recording at that moment. It’s all tied into opening up pieces of my self. It’s all honest, at times painfully so. That storm actually ended up destroying the apple tree that night. When I saw it the next day it had been torn to pieces.” – Paul Ravenwood; interviewed by Heathen Harvest

Pressing Information

250 copies in total. Different color for each vinyl.

“‘Offering’ represents summer, and here in the Appalachians, you see the most vibrant colors during the summer months. The deepest greens, a lot of wildflowers of all varieties, and even the sky seems bluer contrasted against the mountains. So I wanted the vinyl to be as colorful as possible as an extension of that. The other reason is that everyone getting their own unique color reflects the personal nature of the songs.” – Paul Ravenwood

Poem print “Pagan Offering” limited to 20 hand-numbered copies; 4-page single-fold on ivory-colored paper.