øjeRum – An Image of a Bird Seconds Before It Appears AO№19

New ambient album by Danish artist øjeRum (Unknown Tone Records, Fluid Audio, Aurora Borealis, Eilean Records, …) presented on tape (in two editions) and a glass-mastered CD in a 6-panel digipak. A bandcamp download code is provided a year after your purchase.

1 Track (47′37″).

«This is meant to be a soothing and pleasant piece that can wrap the listener in a blanket of sound. It’s definitely my most ambient release yet and I wanted it to sound like a ‹classic› ambient record in the vein of Eno (I’m thinking particularly about his long-form early pieces like ‹Thursday Afternoon›, ‹Discreet Music› and ‹Neroli›), just with a bit more edge. Like these works it’s meant to be able to function as background music while still being interesting when paying attention – ‹as ignorable as it is interesting› as Eno put it.» – øjeRum

Tape Pricing

The price for the tape edition may have raised some eyebrows already, so I decided to compile this graph to untagle the situation a bit. Please note, the price is per saleable copy, means the production costs for all tapes (including specimen copies) devided through those that I can actually sell.

Actually not included in the production costs: assembly of the j-cards (half an hour per copy), all design/layout work, test prints,…. Thus special thanks to all buyers of the support edition “19 birds” and the wonderful people who even paid a bit extra. :)

Recorded by øjeRum (Paw Grabowski).
Post-production by Andrew Chalk.
Mastered by Jos Smolders (EARLabs Studios).
Artwork by Paw Grabowski.
Design and visual reworks (tape only) by AØsmosis.

CD Edition (pre-order)

The glassmastered CD comes in a 6-panel reverseboard digipak – featuring 7 collages from øjeRum’s Silent Figure with Landscape series. All pre-ordered copies are numbered.

Tape Edition(s)

The track is presented on a C97 ferric tape, both sides dubbed identically (to not interrupt the listening flow). The black shell is full-surface printed on both sides with a different collage by øjeRum. The hand-assembled, numbered j-card includes a hand-stitched booklet – features 10 poems by the artist and 4 visual reworks by AØsmosis. The total number of tapes is 67 copies.


This edition consists of the subset of 19 tapes numbered with a prime number (#2, #3,…, #61, #67). This subset is presented in an “antique gold” case instead of the standard black one. A subtle addition to the artwork points towards the particular number as well. Besides that there is no difference.

Pressing Information

CD: 6-panel reverse-board digipak with collages by Paw Grabowski. Glass-mastered CD. All pre-orders are numbered.
Tape (regular): C97 ferric tape, black shell, fully-area color printed, hand-assembled j-card with booklet, in black cassette case. (48 copies in total)
Tape (prime): same as regular edition, except for: numbered with a prime, “antique gold” cassette case, graphical addition on j-card. (19 copies in total)