øjeRum – An Image of a Bird Seconds Before It Appears AO№19

NOTE: Bundle available for both CD and tape.

New ambient album by Danish artist øjeRum (Unknown Tone Records, Fluid Audio, Aurora Borealis, Eilean Records, …) presented on tape (in two editions) and a glass-mastered CD in a 6-panel digipak. Provided with a bandcamp download code.

1 Track (47′37″).

«This is meant to be a soothing and pleasant piece that can wrap the listener in a blanket of sound. It’s definitely my most ambient release yet and I wanted it to sound like a ‹classic› ambient record in the vein of Eno (I’m thinking particularly about his long-form early pieces like ‹Thursday Afternoon›, ‹Discreet Music› and ‹Neroli›), just with a bit more edge. Like these works it’s meant to be able to function as background music while still being interesting when paying attention – ‹as ignorable as it is interesting› as Eno put it.» – øjeRum

Tape Pricing

The price for the tape edition may have raised some eyebrows already, so I decided to compile this graph to untagle the situation a bit. Please note, the price is per saleable copy, means the production costs for all tapes (including specimen copies) devided through those that I can actually sell.

Actually not included in the production costs: assembly of the j-cards (half an hour per copy), all design/layout work, test prints,…. Thus special thanks to all buyers of the support edition “19 birds” and the wonderful people who even paid a bit extra. :)

Recorded by øjeRum (Paw Grabowski).
Post-production by Andrew Chalk.
Mastered by Jos Smolders (EARLabs Studios).
Artwork by Paw Grabowski.
Design and visual reworks (tape only) by AØsmosis.

CD Edition (pre-order)

The glassmastered CD comes in a 6-panel reverseboard digipak – featuring 7 collages from øjeRum’s Silent Figure with Landscape series. A small run of 67 copies is hand-numbered as homage to the tape edition.

Tape Edition(s)

The track is presented on a C97 ferric tape, both sides dubbed identically (to not interrupt the listening flow). The black shell is full-surface printed on both sides with a different collage by øjeRum. The hand-assembled, numbered j-card includes a hand-stitched booklet – features 10 poems by the artist and 4 visual reworks by AØsmosis. The total number of tapes is 67 copies.


This edition consists of the subset of 19 tapes numbered with a prime number (#2, #3,…, #61, #67). This subset is presented in an “antique gold” case instead of the standard black one. A subtle addition to the artwork points towards the particular number as well. Besides that there is no difference.

Pressing Information

CD: 6-panel reverse-board digipak with collages by Paw Grabowski. Glass-mastered CD. Hand-numbered edition limited to 67 copies in protective sleeve. Standard edition shrink-wrapped.
Tape (regular): C97 ferric tape, black shell, fully-area color printed, hand-assembled j-card with booklet, in black cassette case. (48 copies in total)
Tape (prime): same as regular edition, except for: numbered with a prime, “antique gold” cassette case, graphical addition on j-card. (19 copies in total)