Die Geister Beschwören – Drawn to the Investigation of Shadows AO№23

Drawn to the Investigation of Shadows by American psych-folk outfit Die Geister Beschwören (Tarkovsky Green Records, Reverb Worship, SQRT, Tandem Tapes, SunHypnotic,…) is an exploration of call and response, opposites and echoes. Recorded in Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon, the album features contributions from members of Akron/Family, Primordial Undermind, Datura Blues and many more talented folks from the experimental music scene.

Die Geister Beschwören (Call up the Ghosts) is an exploration of dusty field recordings, untraditional folk and instrumentation collected from around the globe. Die Geister materialized from behind the Redwood Curtain in the late nineties and have been observed developing modestly alongside Oryan Peterson-Jones’ psychedelic roller coaster, Datura Blues. While Datura Blues satisfy a collective effort and engage in more grandiose musical pursuits, Die Geister Beschwören demonstrates an enthusiasm for Ethnomusicology, with camaraderie towards primitive Americana and the New Weird America.


Limited to a total of 83 super-ferric C33 tapes, with a subset of 23 tapes that form the “23 Ghosts” edition. Black/red sandwich tapes with full-surface print and gloss-spot elements on top. 4-panel j-card with artwork by Oryan Peterson-Jones, tracklist, credits, etc.


…comes in a full-red transparent case (instead of clear transparent), and with an alternating j-card print on the inside. A third difference is that the colors of the sandwich shell are switched (side A is red, side B is black).

The majority of the “23 Ghosts” edition went as personal copies to the 15 involved musicians. Available to purchase are only 5 copies in total. Pricing: if these copies sold out, it would fully cover the costs of the USA courier shipment to Die Geister Beschwören that allowed them to offer DTTIOS tapes during their December West Coast Tour 2019.


Oryan Peterson-Jones — classical guitar, modified sitar-guitar, electric guitar, baglama, pipa, tanpura, zurna, piano, harmonium, synthesizer, theremin, vocals, percussion, samples & field recordings.

Joey Binhammer — modified sitar-guitar, electric guitar, vocals & samples.
Nevada Lacy — vocals.
Andrew Pritchard — percussion.
Eva Restad — saw, vocals & Edda readings.

Sean Barry — bass clarinet.
Sarah Jean Hart — violin.
Dana Janssen — percussion.
Don Malkmus — trumpet.
Zach Moran — trombone.
Katarina Rohsmann — vocals.
SSSam Smith — percussion & samples.
TJ Thompson — drums & vocals.
Giusseppe Antonio Volpi — bass.
Thom Washburn — drums.

Featuring artwork by Oryan Peterson-Jones.
Designed/layouted and published by AOsmosis Records.

Pressing Information

Professionally dubbed C33 super-ferric tape. Black/red sandwich shell with full-surface print and gloss-spot elements. With an extended 160 g/m² 4-panel j-card. Cassette case: clear transparent (standard edition) or red transparent (prime edition “23 ghosts”). Prime edition is limited to 23 copies in total, comes with an alternate j-card, and tape shell colors are swapped (side A = red; side B = black). All tapes are send in boxed cellophane wrap.