Drawing Virtual Gardens – Teshuvah [THSTWO] THSTWO

On this album David Gutman fathoms his personal linkings to an integral concept of the Jewish faith: ‘Teshuvah’ (engl. return). The seven tracks that he crafted during the timespan of 5777 form this album chronologically. An associative drift through the album’s sonical layers builds the atmosphere of floating thoughts on a late evening.

  • first edition of 113 hand-numbered copies
  • black cardboard box with matt-black embossed lid
  • color-printed CDr with black data-side (incl. CDTEXT)
  • matt-coated gatefold wallet with comissioned calligraphy by renowned Michel d’Anastasio
  • personalized ex libris with individual download code (Bandcamp)
  • poster-fold booklet with credits, liner notes & mounted photograph by David Gutman
  • 4 two-sided square cards with 7 night-time photographs by Florian Koller
  • the boxset is wrapped in black tissue paper and ships securely packed


  1. Day Long a Year Without You ‡ (5:40)
  2. Regretting a Rose (8:11)
  3. Dog Ceasing the Silence (3:42)
  4. Confession of a Cracked Wall (7:34)
  5. A Beach Committed to Sun (3:38)
  6. Nehila (7:51)
  7. 5778 (6:42)

Full stream via Bandcamp.

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