Oberlin – FALEN AO№25

PLEASE NOTE: 1. This is a PRE-ORDER, the editions are currently in production in the UK. Right now it looks as if they should be ready to ship to you between December 13th and 16th. 2.) As an experiment (emerged from my uncomfortableness with the high pricing caused by the production costs per saleable copy) I offer you to pre-order the SILVER edition at the base price (only covering the production costs and the fees charged by the store and PayPal). You can add a tip, or just enjoy the full discount. Same for two other releases that you can find in the category «ZERO PROFIT AVAILABLE»

You can stream the complete album at Bandcamp where it is also offered for the as a name-your-price download for the next few days.

A beautiful 3-part album by modular-ambient magus Oberlin. A work that accompanied me over many late evenings and nights. After many different approaches towards the packaging it finally found its form in late 2023.

50 copies in total, provided in a black Maltese cross-fold boxes (like our Shalabi release), printed with silver ink on the outside and gold ink on the inside. A special signed edition comes limited to 19 copies, (it’s the limitation most Oberlin tapes gravitate towards) and includes a tape with gold shell, while the other 31 copies have a silver shell. Both editions feature a poem by Marcus Kürten that is printed right on the B-side in transparent laquer.

The Pricing

As with Lapith Girl’s album here’s now an detailed price overview for both editions of the FALEN tape. I’d certainly prefer the values to lean more towards the sane side of pricing, but I can not change the production costs that I already covered myself in advance. What I offer for this album, though is to trash my share with the [zero profit] option for the SILVER edition. You pay for production, shop and payment fees, and the artist share that goes to the artist and poet in form of their specimen copies.

Admittedly I don’t look at the costs at all while designing a packaging – traditionally I postpone the price paralysis until shortly before the release date. And while Brexit has its fair share in these escalating prices, I have a hard time turning away from the manufacturer in the UK, because the experience I had and have with them is so much better than with all the others I learned to know over the years. Anyway, I’ll try a few things out in 2024 – let’s see what sticks.